Development Update for September 29

The Parkcrest neighborhood waits with eager anticipation as the first two Estates start showing clear signs of nearing completion.  While high quality finish work cannot be rushed, we are pleased to announce that Estates 1 and 2 are on the “home stretch” of construction and should be completed in as little as month. While an official launch date has not been announced, it’s safe to say it’s “just around the corner”.

Estate 1

The home’s façade has undergone a massive transformation.  The contrast of the stucco and stained wood is creating a beautiful blend and the driveway is taking shape and will soon be finished.  Inside, the floors have been installed, tile work is complete, the cabinets have been installed and the paint crew is soon to start.  This home will be the second estate to be completed.

Estate 2

Still “leading the pack”, Estate 2 looks all but complete with many of the main elements finished. The crisp white smooth stucco was beautifully applied and stands in stark contrast with the charcoal metal siding. The driveway will soon be started, followed by hardscape and landscape.  Inside, the finish details are in full swing.  The kitchen has taken shape with all cabinets having been installed and the vibrant pattern of the Carrara marble creates a visual “pop” laid over the black cabinetry. The wood floors and tile have all been installed and have been expertly covered to protect from any damage from the final crews coming through the house. The painters have been hard at work and will continue to painstakingly touch-up every surface for that ‘perfect’ finish look of true NEW construction home.

Estate 3

All of the final finish details have been settled and tile is on site and currently being installed. While this estate isn’t as extreme in its “black and white” contrast of Estate 2, it follows a more subtler monochromatic pattern with a beautiful spectrum of white and greys.  Textures and patterns were masterfully worked into the design scheme to give every room a different feel and exciting look.

Estate 4

At long last the more complicated and larger estate 4 has been framed and is even more dramatic than expected.  The estate boasts the most dramatic and defined entry of all four estates, and as soon as you walk in, your jaw drops at the 21 ft tall wall of glass looking over the stairs and to the oak trees in the backyard.  The outdoor covered veranda off the kitchen and living room is already getting rave reviews as parents imagine sipping their glass of wine or enjoying a cold beer while being able to keep a “casual eye” on their kids playing in the pool below (A buyer selected option). The roof trusses are in, and rough plumbing and electrical are in full swing. There is still a short window for a new buyer to give input on final decision finishes, but at the “time of press”, a subtle blend of warm earth tone finishes are being compiled to make this stunning estate truly bring the outdoors in.