Development Update for May 25, 2018


Having originally broken ground in February, Santa Barbara’s most anticipated new development at The Woods has quickly taken shape and come to life. This is much to the pleasant surprise of the neighborhood and buyers eagerly waiting to make their choice of new home. Now, months into the construction process, building continues at a rapid pace with large crews working together to pull off a construction timetable rarely seen in Santa Barbara. While originally predicted to be completed by the end of the year, at this pace estate 2 may be completed as early as the beginning of Fall with Estates 1, 3 and 4 each following approximately 30 days thereafter.

Estate 1

As the second estate to start construction, estate 1 is not far behind estate 2.  The home has been fully framed and the home’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle can already be experienced walking through this great layout. Construction crews are working on installing rough systems and will be setting windows and exterior doors next.

Estate 2

The first estate to break ground, this flat-roofed modern masterpiece is already looking magnificent. The home has been fully framed with all rough systems in place. The window and exterior door package have been set in place adding to the drama of the exterior and filling the inside with natural light. Insulation and drywall is going in next week.

Estate 3

Not to be left behind, estate 3 has quickly shot up in a short amount of time.  Significant progress has been made on framing the home, including setting of the trusses which highlights the drama of the 14 ft tall vaulted great room ceiling. Construction crews will continue to finish out the framing over the coming weeks.

Estate 4

Given its two-story construction and dramatic architecture, the foundation for estate 4 is far more complicated. Progress is moving along, but there will be a series of concrete “pours” needed to create the foundation and retaining walls. This will provide the base structure for the framing crews to built on. This nearly 4,000 SF estate will be worth the wait though. Estate 4 will offer more interior living space than its three neighbors, while presenting a more discreet “single level” front facade from the cul-de-sac.